April 24, 2011

Lipstick Storage

I had a few requests to see my lipstick storage, so here it is. I need to go get another tray because that one has absolutely no more room. Good thing I'm a bit of a freak and carry around too many lipsticks in my purse. I think I've got a pretty healthy mix of drugstore, MAC and high end going on. Fun, fun, fun! 



FromGemWithLove said...

Share them all with meeee xxx

Juujubez said...

I LOVE YOU. I love lippie porn. Where did you get your little tray from, I've been looking around where I live but I'm going crazy lol. Thank you so much for doing this post! I nearly ate my screen...I love lippies...(ugh, shut up Julie. I think she gets it). Great collection! <3

Elise said...

Gem- Wish I could! haha x

Julie- hahah I love you more! I got the tray from Solutions and it was around $8 I think :) They've got so many acrylic trays and holders...I can literally spend hours in there
HAHA You're so welcome x

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful! <3

elektra ♥ said...

Which ones are your favourite?? :) xx

Karena said...

A great selection and I adore your selection and range. Really enjoyed the video below!

Art by Karena

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Anonymous said...

I love the lipstick storage! <3

Debby said...

Ahhh, I want this cute case! But then again, I have like 7 lipsticks ahha. Love your bloggg, SO happy your back!
xoxo Debby!

River said...

I love storage posts, everyone has such great ideas.

You have a great collection! I'm on a mission to get a better collection of lipsticks!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!:) I love how you can see everything!

faye lu review said...

always love seeing how beauty bloggers store their lipsticks - this is a great idea storing the MAC lipsticks upsidedown. *genius*

LOL "a bit of lippy porn" <=== couldn't agree more!

Jenna said...

thats a lot of lippies <3

--Sanam-- said...

Wow, you have such a huge range of lipsticks :D I bet you have all the colours of the rainbow in there lol :D

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Day By Diva
Day By Diva

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