February 09, 2011

Bronzers: Kissed by the Sun

1. Stila Sun spf 15 Bronzing Powder in Shade 01
2. Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Hula Hula
4. NARS Laguna (poor thing always gets dropped)

Ignore the '5' in the middle of Hard Candy Hula Hula. 
I would fix it but I'm using paint and it's a jpeg so let's just pretend that isn't there :)

My bronzers really look like they've been through a lot but that's actually a lie. I rarely use bronzer so these poor little gems probably feel a bit neglected. My favourites are NARS Laguna and Cargo's medium matte bronzer. Now that I look at the swatches, the Clinique and Hard Candy bronzer actually look really pretty. I must have something against Clinique cosmetics. I never seem to want to use them. Hopefully that changes soon because I don't like wasting money. 

I rarely use the MAC bronzing powder. For some reason it's just really difficult to work with. I can swirl my brush in there a few times and still end up with no product on the brush. I remember trying the tester at the MAC counter and it had the same problem. At the time, I thought it was because there was too much oil in the tester from customers' fingers poking around in it. However, I now know it wasn't just the tester. I even scraped off the top layer with a mascara spoolie brush but that didn't seem to help. If you a have medium to dark skin tone, I would definitely suggest going a shade (or two) up. 

The reason I love the Cargo and NARS bronzer so much is because they never look orange on me.  I'm really pale and many bronzers have a tendency to look orange and harsh on my skin. The MAC bronzer in Golden is also good about never turning orange on me, but as I said, it isn't the easiest product to work with. Faux Tan by bareMinerals is beautiful but a little dark for me. It's very pigmented so it's actually a great price for a believable and natural looking faux tan. 

Do you have a favourite bronzer?



Merel said...

I like the swatch of the Clinique one! I don't have bronzer, yup really, I don't.. I just feel like I'm way to pale for it and am afraid they'll look orange or weird on me... Maybe I should get over my fear of bronzers haha!

Jennifer said...

I love any blush/bronzer/highlighter porn pics XD!!!

I have a question though... since Asians don't usually use bronzers, where do you apply yours at? Do you use them for contouring? or really as bronzers?

:P have you done a post on your most used blushes before?

your blush fiend at the other side of the world,

Mia said...

Hi Elise , can you do a video on how you do your everyday makeup ? I guess lots of people would love to see it too ^^

Elise said...

Merel- haha I totally agree with you. I don't think bronzers are for everyone and I'm starting to think they're not really for me either. I'm so back and forth with them. I think I like the look of bronzer on my skin in the summer but during the rest of the year I can just forget it lol. If you want to try one, I find Dior makes some pretty beautiful bronzers. You can actually wear them on your cheeks almost as a blush because they just give that look of tanned skin with a bit of redness (not bad redness...the kind you get right after you've been out in the sun for a while) lol I hope that made sense. The better alternative would probably be to go to the drugstore, find an inexpensive option and see if you like the look haha. If and when you finally try a bronzer, I would love to hear about it! x

Jennifer- Hi my lovely blush fiend! In the winter, I usually skip the bronzer (way too pale for that). In the spring when I start to get a bit darker, I like using a bronzer to contour. The summer is really the only time I'm able to use a bronzer like a normal person lol. I haven't done a post like that yet but it's definitely on my list! I would LOVE to read a post on your most used blushes! x

Mia- Hi Mia! I wasn't planning on doing tutorials (because there are wonderfully talented girls on youtube who actually know what they're doing), but perhaps I can do a video on how I apply my blush? That's probably really the only exciting part of my makeup routine haha x

Cherries In The Snow said...

Do you know where you can buy Hard Candy in the UK?

UrbanMermaid said...

My fav bronzer is Chanel's bronze universel, it's my HG bronzer and I've promised myself not to buy a new one at least until I hit pan which will take quite some time. I've heard a lot about Hard Candy but I guess it isn't available here in the UK :( <3

Michelle said...

thanks elise - bronzer is actually the one make-up product i could not live without!!
Although I never go out bare-faced (i.e. with NO make-up at all), i wouldn't mind to as long as I could put on some bronzer.
The bronzer I have used for years and bought time and time again is surprisingly cheap (i usually don't mind to spend more on my make-up if i think the products worth it, e.g. YSL touch eclat and laura mercier tinted moisturiser) but this for me cannot be beaten... Rimmel Natural Bronzer in shade 022 Sun Bronze. I absolutely love it - not orange at all, and not shimmery so very natural for everyday - and a bargain!!

Michelle said...

p.s. i second mia's suggestion on doing a video of your make-up (not just blush!) please please!! x x

Barbie said...

I like to use MAC blush in Gingerly as a bronzer sometime. It's probably what I most frequently use. lol. I also really like my Stila bronzer (I have the same one as you!).

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about anything Clinique! Actually, that's a bit of an exaggeration. I do like their super moisturizing lip glosses. When i looked at your swatches, I thought Clinique and Hard Candy was the prettiest, but after reading that it was Clinique and Hard Candy I was like oh...umm..sure...LOL I really want to try Nars Laguna but I think i look horrible with bronzers so I don't have any. How do you use your bronzers? Do you use your bronzers? as a blush? to give you a tan? conturing?

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Unfortunately my NARS Laguna looks the exact same way. I love the look of the Clinique bronzer but I totally agree about not wanting to use the products. Honestly I think the packaging often looks really old fashioned. I need they need to come out with better looking more 'hip' (haha, I'm getting old) packaging.

Elise said...

Cherries In The Snow- I'm actually not sure :( Sorry I can't be more helpful! x

Nadia- Oh my goodness you're so good about not buying! I don't even like bronzer and I feel the need to have a whole handful of them...you know...just in case I ever change my mind haha x

Michelle- Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for sharing your favourite! I'm going to pick it up the next time I see it on sale :) LOL I'll think about doing the video (although I'll probably give in because I love you girls so much haha) x

littlelucy- LOL that's absolutely hilarious because I feel the EXACT same way as you. Something about poor/boring packaging is just such a turn off. The packaging of the Clinique bronzer actually isn't even that bad but just the fact that it's Clinique sort of stops me from using it. I really only use bronzer all over during the summer. In the spring when my face starts to get some colour, I like using my bronzers to contour. In the winter, I don't even look at bronzer haha. I personally think Dior makes the most beautiful bronzers. I'm not sure if it's the fact that it's Dior or if I actually really like the look of the bronzer on me, but I bought my sister a Dior bronzer and I find myself sneaking into her makeup bag to use it. Perhaps give that one a try :) x

Alicia- Completely agree with you, Alicia!! I just find Clinique really old fashioned (especially that pale green colour they're so fond of). x

Bee said...

Thank you for this post! I've only ever tried one bronzer - bareMinerals Faux Tan. But on me, the bronzer seems a bit reddish and I make sure I use it very lightly.

I've spent the evening searching Google for some solid bronzer info, but it's harder than it looks - especially for someone like me. I'm part East Asian, part Meditteranean (yellow/warm undertones galore!), but my skin is also a light-ish medium and I feel like all bronzers will just look funny on me, even though I do tan in the summer. I've been wanting to try Laguna though, so fingers crossed! Hope it's not too dark and doesn't look reddish on me like the Faux Tan..

Thanks again for the comparisons! I love that I stumbled upon a blog of someone with a similiar skin tone as me!

Bee said...

P.S. I realize the reddish undertones in a bronzer make the tan look more believable, but I guess I'm looking for a true brown that can double as all-over face color for the summer and as a contour powder. :)

Joyce said...

I have no problem getting Mac's bronzers on my brush. Maybe you need a denser brush? What brush do you use for Mac's bronzers?


Peiji said...

hi Elise :)
I don't use bronzer but always thought they were lovely :)
I am interested in trying it one day though :)
You always look great in your videos!

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