February 06, 2011

Comparison: NARS Madly & Douceur

In all photos: NARS Madly is on the left, NARS Douceur is on the right

Sorry about the post overload from me, but I've been impatiently waiting for the Superbowl to begin so I've been in a blogging mood.

I was at a NARS counter the other day and they were still selling Douceur (a limited edition blush from the Fall 2010 collection). I know there are still people wondering about the difference between Madly and Douceur so I thought I would attempt to take a few photos that would clearly illustrate the fact that Douceur isn't just a matte version of Madly. 

They are both neutral blushes, but they actually aren't that similar. On me, Madly is more of a tawny-beige with a subtle shimmer. It is very highly pigmented and blends easily. If you swirl your finger in a MAC sheertone blush, that is what Madly feels like. Douceur is a dusty neutral rose shade. It isn't nearly as pigmented as Madly (although I do find that in the beginning the colour payoff was minimal but now that I've had it for a while, my brush can pick up a lot more product). If you are familiar with what a MAC sheertone shimmer blush feels, that's more or less the texture of Douceur.

Are they both must haves? I think you can probably get away with just one or the other. I would probably suggest NARS Madly. I feel it has the ability to work for a greater number of people since Douceur isn't as pigmented. When I first got Douceur, I thought it was a great shade. Now that I've had them both for quite some time, I feel Madly is the slightly more flattering and unique shade. 

I hope that was helpful!

Elise x


Jennifer said...

thanks for the comparison! i was thinking of picking up Douceur but looks like i shouldn't ;)

Jennifer said...

Reply to your previous comment: Thanks!! I am obsessed with your blog loaded with so many blush posts XD yay for blush fiends!

Jennifer said...

ryc: yes makeup can cause yellowness on the skin :/ particularly if you put it on frequently! do you have a face mask you love?

UrbanMermaid said...

Gorgeous blushes! xx

Merel said...

I think both look very nice:)

Jewelrybead said...

Both are lovely...I would go with Madly too due to the deeper pigmentation.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love the look of Doucer. So pretty.

Jessica said...

Hey Elise. I JUST found your blog and I love that your a fellow Canadian (and Ontarion) :)
PS you are so gorgeous!
Check out my blog:

Dylana Suarez said...

These are all such beautiful colors!



Sheryl Ann said...

do you think nars madly is similar to mac warm soul blush?

Elise said...

Jennifer- haha Douceur is pretty but not spectacular. It doesn't have that wow factor for me anymore :( x

Nadia- YOU'RE gorgeous! x

Merel- They definitely are :) It's funny because I like the swatch of Douceur more but on my face it's much darker than that (could be because I'm pretty pale right now though) x

Jolene- For sure...and it has also got a beautiful shimmer in it! x

Alicia- I know..I was looking at the swatches on my hand and I was thinking to myself that it actually looked prettier than Madly haha x

Jessica- Hi Jessica! I'm so glad you found me! Of course I'll check out your blog :) x

Dylana Suarez- Aren't they?? It makes me wonder why I don't use them more often! I've been addicted to my pink blushes lately haha x

Sheryl Ann- I don't actually own warm soul but I'll try to go to the department store sometime soon to see if I can see a difference :) x

Anonymous said...

I went to Sephora the other day to get douceur but they didn't have that one in stock so instead I got amour. Douceur and sex appeal apparently have become a part of the permanent line now. yay! I can't stop thinking about douceur because it looks SOO pretty! I tried madly before, and it looked horrible on me. It looked orange and just didn't look good on me but I'm glad to hear that it works for you :)

Delyteful Speaks said...

I'm so hesitant to get either coz I feel they'll make me look a lil dirty.. like Hoola is able to do if you're not careful..

Elise said...

littlelucy- Thanks so much for letting me know! If Madly looked orange on you (in the winter it's a bit much on me too) definitely try Douceur. It's a bit more pink and it's less likely to look orange :) x

Delyteful Speaks- haha I know what you mean. If you're hesitant to try either, perhaps try MAC tenderling. Absolutely love that blush if I just want something really neutral and not overly peach or pink. x

Justine (Productrater) said...

Your comparison was really helpful. I picked up madly because it's less pinky looking, but I might get douceur if money permits soon! :)

Anonymous said...

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